3 Life-changing Questions to Ask Yourself


Living a life true to who I am has changed my life dramatically. I've spent a large part of it pottering through not knowing what was important to me or what kind of person I wanted to be and when I finally did know, I was too afraid to go after what it was I wanted.

That is until I had a good look at my life. Answering these 3 questions put me on the right path and changed the way I live.

1. What is deeply important to you?

What are the things that matter most to you? Being healthy? Having great relationships? Doing what you love? Being kind to yourself? Enjoying each moment? Grab a pen and paper, take a few minutes to answer these questions.

I ignored the things that were important to me. I was lost in life; I didn’t have any excitement towards it either. Eating healthy and exercising has always been something that’s important to me but I wasn’t clear on why I was doing it so it was always something I would do, then give up on for a while and then go back to. After realising just how important this is to me, I now make this a priority. This has given me an excitement for life that I never knew was possible.

Being kind to myself is a big one that I gave no attention to. I never asked myself ‘what is deeply important to me?’ Now I know being kind is to myself is no doubt an importance in my life. It allows me to go after what I want by making mistakes, learning and growing from them. Before acknowledging this I’d say the most horrible things to myself, things I wouldn’t even say to my worst enemy.

2. What sort of person do you want to be?

What is your heart’s deepest desire for how you want to behave? What do you want to stand for in life? How do you want to treat yourself, others and the world around you? Put pen to paper and get answering!

From a young age I have always shown a love of all animals. I never stopped to question if I was behaving in a way that was in line with this. Now I know this is really important to me. By recognising my love of animals I could take action that was in line with how I wanted to treat the world so I volunteered in Borneo to save the Orangutans that were becoming extinct. I’m also more aware of the impact we are having on animals and do as much as I can to help this. I’m staying true to who I am.

3. What would you do if you had no fear?

Fear can hold you back from going after what you most want and desire. It can get in the way of becoming who you really want to be. I was terrified of writing a blog and putting it out there for the world to see. I asked myself ‘what would I do if I had no fear?’ And my answer was this: My passion is helping people, its what I love to do. I also love to express myself through writing. If I had no fear I’d write with the hopes to help as many people as possible. I over came this fear, and my blog is the result of this. There will be times when the fears arise and you will want to give up but if you are living a life that is in line with your deepest desires, it will make the effort worthwhile.