3 Tips to Instantly Feel Happier

Some days I get into a mood and feel really flat. Nothing in particular has happened to make me feel this way, I just feel down for no real reason. I've noticed that these are the times when I've neglected myself. We give so much of our love and attention to others that we put ourselves on the back burner and forget that we need some loving too. I become easily irritated, my thinking becomes negative and I start to think life really sucks. Here are 3 simple things I do that help me to snap out of this mood and put the love back into life. 


1. Slow down. One of the reasons we neglect ourselves is because we are trying to do too much. Cramming as much as we can onto our to-do lists, rushing from one place to another without even getting a breath in. Slow down. It's ok to only have a short to-do list, in the morning I write the 3 most important tasks for the day and I aim to get those 3 things done. This way I'm not overwhelmed and rushing through the day. I can actually let go, relax and enjoy it a whole lot more. I can stop to notice the simple things that are so precious and fill me up with so much joy. Slow down and recognise all the greatness in your life. The friends and family that love you, a child's smile, healthy yum food, the beautiful sky. Take moments to recognise the things you couldn't imagine life without. When you appreciate these things you get to feel the joy in life. 

2. Take time out. Self care isn't selfish, it's essential. Do something you love so much that it consumes you and you lose track of time. Gardening, reading a great book, writing, playing music, meeting up with friends who uplift you. Take time to give some loving and energy back to yourself. Unwind. Switch off. Meditate. Breathe. What ever is it that fills you up with joy. Do it and make time to do it daily, no matter what.

3. Mother Nature. One way I feel instantly happier is by getting lost in the moment by natures beauty. I look up into the sky at the stars, watch the clouds, see the beauty in a flower, listen to the ocean, listen to a birds call or watch the sun set. These are there for you to enjoy too. Mother nature has so much beauty to share with you, notice the beauty and you'll feel an instant uplift.

What are the things that make you instantly feel happier? Please comment below :)