Miley Cyrus rocks her punk Vegan Vibes!!!

"Lookin punk and my whole look is VEGAN!!!!!!!!" - Miley Cyrus

One of our all time favourite Vegans is the always baben MILEY CYRUS who just shared this epic pic on her instagram of her rocking this punk Vegan look on stage at the #IHEARTFESTIVAL with legendary Billy Idol. 

We absolutely love how Miley is constantly speaking up for the animals, and isn't afraid to drop the V-bomb. She is such an important part of the Vegan movement, using her huge following to promote kindness to all animals. 

In this picture she's showing the world that we don't need to kill innocent animals for clothing. There are so many amazing brands out there making stylish clothing, shoes, bags, beauty products and so much more that don't involve animal cruelty.

Thanks Miley for always being such a passionate Vegan, we love you!

 💙 💙 💙

Who is your favourite celebrity Vegan and why?
Please share with us, we would love to know!