4 Ways to Gain Strength from a Struggle


I'm quite familiar with the struggles life can bring. Here are a few I've been through:

  • fights with close family and not spoken to them in years
  • depression & anxiety while taking care of my 2 kids who were both under 1 year old
  • overweight
  • abusive relationships
  • my marriage has fallen apart
  • struggled with low self-esteem since childhood
  • my husband and I separated; I had no money and had to move out on my own with our new born baby
  • when I did move into my own place all I owned were some clothes and a mattress
  • was in $100k debt and told to start making repayments while going through depression, looking after my new born and I was unemployed

People have gone through a lot worse than this so really I'm pretty lucky. When I was going through these struggles I would have traded anything for it to not have been me but now looking back I wouldn't have it any other way. I became stronger and it brought me to the life I live and love now. I would like to share what my life looks like now not to sound superior but to give you hope through your struggles. So here's my life now:

  • all of my relationships with my family are healthy
  • I've overcome depression & anxiety
  • lost weight and at my ideal size
  • eat healthy & exercise regularly
  • my relationship with my lover has never been so connected
  • I'm debt-free
  • I have a beautiful home with beautiful furniture right on the beach
  • I have high self-confidence and self-esteem
  • I love life

Here are 4 ways you can gain strength from a struggle.

1. You can realise who really cares for you. The hard times revealed who really cared for me by being there in my times of desperation. Sometimes this may come as a surprise, people I wouldn't have guessed were there to support me and the people I expected to be there, weren't. When I was at one of my lowest points a friend of mine dropped everything to be there for me. Whereas someone I expected to do the same actually made my situation worse. For me this lesson has been priceless. I could learn who means the most to me.

2. It can act as a wake up call. Struggles have a way of showing what's really matters to you in life. The 100k debt I had for a property I partly owned caused me so much stress I couldn't even take care of my own children. It was a big wake up call, I realised that my family and my health were more important to me than any amount of money. I knew I needed to start to make some changes.

3. You can learn to appreciate what you have. There were so many things in life I was taking for granted. When I moved into my home with only a mattress there were a long list of things I had prior that I never even realised how precious they were. Like a bed base, a kettle, a fridge and so much more. I'm so grateful to have these things now, having to live without them has given me an appreciation that I would've never found without the struggle. It has taught me to appreciate even the smallest things in life.

4. You can grow, become stronger & wiser. My past struggle's have helped shape who I am today. They have been one of my greatest teacher's. I know how to overcome depression and anxiety, I can now help others do the same so I'm grateful to have experienced it. Through my struggle's with relationships I knew what I didn't want my relationships to look like and used this to start to create the healthy one's I did want. When you learn from your struggle and use it to become stronger, it can help you build the life you want.

Struggles are really blessing's in disguise. They are opportunities to grow and they put you on a path to something better. So if you are experiencing a struggle in life at the moment or whenever you are struggling in the future just remember the 4 great things that can come from them and they will give you comfort.