4 Tips to Stop Being a Worrywart

Worry wart can sometimes be used to described me. Always imagining the future in the worst possible way I could think of. My friend needs to speak with me, I'm thinking I've done something wrong and she's angry at me. Meeting new people I imagine they won't like me at all. Starting to exercise for the first time, I picture that I'll totally suck and people will laugh at me.

90 percent of the time it doesn't turn out as awful as I imagined. My boss just had a question, my friend just wants some help with something, the new people I meet generally like me and I have a great time or running for the first time I'm not as bad as I thought, I look around to see no one pointing fingers and laughing.

I would worry about everything. I worried so often there was no room for any good feelings. I've learnt to manage the worry wart with in me, it's still there but it doesn't take over me. I don't stress so much about the future, I don't imagine it to be as scary as I used to instead I'm thinking much more positive about it which makes me feel in control and confident that I can handle what ever it will bring. Here's 4 ways to stop being a worry wart.

1. Imagining things. Try to catch yourself when you're imagining the future as a disaster. This is the first and most important step, if you don't catch yourself you'll get caught up in the disaster which will stress you out and leave you feeling drained.

2. Go easy. Take it easy to begin with. Like starting anything new you must be kind to yourself and allow yourself to stuff up sometimes. It's ok to forget, don't beat yourself up. You're human and nobody is perfect. Don't give up, keep trying. Eventually you will catch yourself more often and become better and better at it.

3. Remember. Congrats on catching yourself in the act. Great work! Now you can make room for the truth: the future rarely turns out to be as horrible as you think. I use evidence to support this truth, I think of times when I wrongly pictured something to be way worst than it turned out like the examples I used above of my boss needing to speak with me. Remembering this is where my shift takes place. I go from being in a panic to feeling calm instantly. I feel more in control and confident to deal with what lies ahead. 

4. Time to enjoy life. When you let go of worrying you start to enjoy life. Instead of using the precious time you would usually spend on worrying, you use this time to enjoy what is happening in your life right now. You can enjoy each moment. You can give all your attention to the people you are with, you can enjoy your work and enjoy your YOU time.

Let go of this unnecessary stress stealing your joy and start enjoying life.

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