Pretty cool to see this mainstream Arts & Music blog SpeakerTV writing an incredible and factual article about the benefits of Vegan. 

"The reasons that people decide to become vegetarian or vegan are quite varied, but generally come down to the same point – empathy. You wouldn’t want to live in the conditions that animals have to live in to provide us with meat, so why would you wish it upon them by consuming it?" - Andy O'Connor

"Over the last decade, the developed world has seen a notable rise in the popularity of vegan and vegetarian lifestyles. This upward trend is rather unsurprising. We are living in a time where information is more readily available than it has ever been before, and people are now able to educate themselves about the atrocities committed towards animals in the name of meat and dairy far more easily.

As a child, it’s easy to disassociate the idea of food from living things. Most parents wouldn’t really sit down with their kids and run them through the in’s and out’s of the brutal meat industry. But if you do tell a child about the realities of their food, check out how simple it seems to them – we shouldn’t eat it."

Read the full story here: www.speakertv.com