5 Tips to Not Miss Great Opportunities



Looking back, my life has been full of opportunities. The ones I did take and the ones I didn’t. 

Many opportunities I took and I failed. Starting a business, going to uni, taking up a job I ended up hating, going out with a guy that didn't work out.

Yes I failed them all miserably but they aren’t the ones I regret most. 

The opportunities I do regret are the ones I didn’t take. The ones I wanted to take but scared me so I didn’t. 

By the time I realised I should’ve grabbed it, it was gone.

I got comfortable with missing opportunities but I was full with regrets. I wasn’t living the life I wanted, nor was I making any effort to get there. Opportunities would arise that scared me and I would justify reasons why I shouldn’t, even though deep down I wanted to take the leap and just do it.

  • The cute guy that asked me out but I said no because I was too scared to get hurt again.
  • The yoga class my friend asked me to join but I was too worried that I wouldn't be good enough.
  • The trip overseas I wanted to book but was too scared to go on my own.
  • The phone number I was given to call someone who could help me with my business but I didn’t because I thought I’d be rejected. 

I regretted missing out on so many great opportunities so I decided to start fresh and take any that came my way. I created a new mantra. If an opportunity arose that I really wanted but it scared me, I’d say these three magic words ‘just do it’

Slowly I became more confident and much better at noticing an opportunity and acting on it as soon as possible. I still felt the fear, but I would do it anyway. Sometimes I failed miserably, but a lot of the time I was succeeding. I was taking steps toward my dream which made it all worth while. 

Now I can look back and never have to think ‘I wish I had’ve done that’. Here are my tips on how to do the same.


  1. Confusion. Sometimes we can get so confused about whether we should use this opportunity that we end up doing nothing. The way I clear my confusion is by asking myself this question. What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? This helps to figure out whether this is something you really want but the fear is stopping you. Asking yourself this question can make it really clear if you should grab this great opportunity before it passes you by.
  2. Fear of failure. I would love to have a crystal ball so I can look into the future and help you avoid the opportunities where you will fail. The truth is nobody knows. You have to try it to find out. It could be the best opportunity you’ve ever taken or you could fail. If you do fail at least you’re getting out there. You can learn from it and now you’re a step closer to your dream. You won’t look back wondering what would’ve happened if you took it and wishing you had’ve tried.
  3. Confidence. It takes a great deal of courage to take risks. Even if you fail, this is courageous. You are being brave with your life. Each time you take an opportunity you are slowly building your confidence. You realise you can do it, you realise your strength and that you are stronger than you think. 
  4. People’s opinions. I constantly worried about what people think. It was a big reason why I missed so many opportunities. Know that most people respect you for putting yourself out there. The people who judge you are often wishing they had as much courage as you.
  5. Go you! It’s not easy to take an opportunity that scare you. Be very proud of yourself. When you're 80 years old looking back on your life you won't have much to regret. Now that is a life well-lived.

What has been an opportunity you bravely took? 

Please comment below, I would love to know :)

I would also like to share my excitement with you. I've created a few Inspire Tee's (an opportunity I took). They help to remind me that I am enough no matter what, to take opportunities just like the one's I've mentioned in this post and to be me bravely. 

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