5 Tips to make Your New Years Resolutions Stick


Sticking to new habits such as new years resolutions can be down right hard. I've struggled so much with them in the past, I give up almost straight away and it doesn't take long until I'm back to my old ways. Eating healthy is one habit I've found particularly difficult. At first I didn't enjoy it at all, I wasn't motivated, people would discourage me, I doubted my ability to change and in the end I talked myself out of it.

After a few failed attempts I finally succeeded. I've been eating healthy for 5 years now and not only am I feeling the most amazing I've ever felt but I have reached my goal weight. I also learnt a crucial life lesson: if you can stick to a habit you can do almost anything.

So how did I do it? How do you make a habit stick?

Know that it's not going to be easy. Anything worth doing doesn't come easy. This is where I would stuff up big time. I would start my new habit having no clue of the difficulties that lie ahead. Starting a new habit is definitely doable, I'm living proof of that. You just need to be prepared for some tough times. You can keep failing or you can try these tips and see if they work for you.

Focus on one habit a time. I can't stress enough how important this is. People don't realise how much focus is needed to actually stick to a new habit. We write our long lists of new years resolutions and are too overwhelmed by them all to even start.

Start with little habits once a day. When I first started eating healthy, I can assure you it didn't happen overnight. I started with something as small as replacing my breakfast milk for a healthier alternative. Yes it wasn't much but eventually that small habit was ingrained and I could expand.

Just start. Focus on just making a start, this is really important in the first month of starting a new habit. Want to eat healthy? Buy the healthier milk alternative on your next food shop. Want to start running? Put your joggers on and just get out the door. Want to save for that holiday? Set up a savings account. Just start.

Watch your thoughts. If you feel like quitting or start to avoid the habit, be aware of your thoughts. Can you notice some negative self-talk? These aren't real, it is your brain trying to avoid the discomfort. Don't let these negative thoughts have power over you. You can beat them with some positive self-talk such as 'I can do this'.

I hope this can help you on your journey to making your new habit stick. I would love to hear any feed back or any of your thoughts on this.