2 Simple Tips to be A Powerful Voice for the Voiceless

I never used to be the loud and proud vegan that I am today. I almost never spoke up for my voiceless friends, I was a very quiet vegan. I knew enough about animal suffering to be vegan but not enough to really be their voice and talk about it with other people. 

My first few conversations after becoming vegan were unsuccessful, I got the usual 'where do you get your protein?' question and this was an easy one but when it would turn into a debate 'animals don't feel pain', 'humans are superior to animals', 'there are happy animals on farms', I didn't know what to reply to these comments and I was left feeling stupid, not having done any justice for the animals. From then on I would avoid bringing up my cruelty-free lifestyle in conversations.

I missed countless opportunities to speak up for animals, to educate people and to possibly inspire them to go vegan. Each time deep down I wanted to tell of the truth about what is really happening to animals but the fear of looking stupid kept me quiet. Here's what finally got me talking.

1. Inspiring Vegan

I met this extremely inspirational animal rights activist, James Aspey. James has inspired me so much, he's a big reason why I'm such a passionate vegan now. He even took a 365 day vow of silence to raise awareness on animal suffering. The amazing blog he writes continues to inspire me daily. 

2. Gary L. Francione's book

A book James recommended was 'Eat Like You Care' by Gary L. Francione. This book has helped me so much, it gives you a great response for ALL the silly excuses people have. I can finally confidently talk about veganism and have the perfect response for any argument against vegan. 

James Aspey and Gary L. Franicone's book have both empowered me to be the best voice for the voiceless that I can be. They've helped me become a loud and proud vegan. To be able to speak up for animals and feel like I've done them justice, helped create change and possibly saved more animals lives is THE best feeling. 

I hope this can inspire you to be a powerful voice for our furry friends, the world needs more of us, the animals need us. 

What's something/someone who has inspired you to be the best voice you can be?