Our New Style For Our Love Of Cows

You asked for it so we've delivered! 🚚  💌
Our MOO COW Muscle Tee and T-shirt is now available in Stonewash 👏 🎉  

Cows are such beautiful creatures! Similar to us humans, they form extremely close friendships with one another. Did you see this adorable YouTube Video of cows seeing grass for the first time in 6 months? So cute! Unfortunately even though they are such intelligent, gentle, social creatures they suffer at the hands of humans. They deserve better. We've created this design to share our love for this animal. By spreading this message we're helping people make the connection that cows are not food (or milk machines, and their skin isn't fabric) and to see them for what they really are; incredibly beautiful animals.

This message helps people make kinder choices, realising that
Cows Are For Mooing Not BBQing