Don't Be One of These People

There are enough people in life who will try to put you down. You don't want to be another one.

They will tell you what you're doing is impossible or your idea is no good or your dreams too big. These words can easily become your own and be the same words you start telling yourself.

Stay focused, however, despite of the negative comments and you'll find yourself doing the impossible.

There has always been someone who has told me I'm doing the impossible when in fact, more often than not I prove them wrong. Now I'm really good at blocking out opinion's like this, I haven't always been good at it though. When I allowed myself to believe the put downs I would doubt myself and give up.

For a long time I heard the words 'believe in yourself' but never really understood what it meant or how to do it. Believing in myself is exactly what keeps me strong today and on the path to my goals and dreams. I would like to share what I've come to understand about believing in yourself and my definition of it:

To believe in yourself is to make room for that inner voice to shine. Your inner voice that is the real you, who is capable of anything, who takes risks to go after the dream even though its scary, who fails but gets back up anyway, who has imperfections but owns them and is still worth loving.

Most of all believing in yourself is hearing the negative comments said by others and the ones you say to yourself, stopping for a moment to recognise them and then moving your attention to your inner voice that tells you..

You can do this. It'll be ok. You are stronger than you think. You can do anything. 

Do this and you really can do the impossible. 

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