3 Ways to End Jealousy


It’s impossible to live a happy life when you cant help but be jealous all the time. This was me. I would fill up with jealousy when ever I saw someone who had it better than me and then I'd start to feel horrible about myself. 

If someone was prettier, skinnier, fitter, richer, if their life was ‘better’ than mine I couldn’t help but be extremely jealous. Not only am I jealous of the people I know, these days I have the entire world to compare myself to. 

This took my jealousy to a whole new level. Being able to look into the lives of people who are more beautiful, skinner, richer, more successful people then me would make me measure my life up against theirs. I’d be left feeling very disappointed. My life sucked in comparison. 

Being jealous so often was making me feel really crappy. It was sucking the happiness out of me. Something needed to change. Slowly I started to turn my focus toward me rather than being so focus on others. I tried hard to find the good things about myself. 

I saw the success of others and became happy for them, rather than feeling sad and jealous. I used it as inspiration to better my life. Jealousy wasn't getting the better of me anymore and boy is life so much more enjoyable. I feel oh-so happy and content with my life.

Heres how I overcame my jealous ways.


1. Let go of comparing. It truly is the thief of joy. It’s impossible to enjoy life when you’re constantly comparing your life. 

  • My friend on Facebook posts her pictures on her travels around the world and I wish my life wasn’t so boring. 
  • I see a successful blog and then I start to think that my blog sucks. 
  • My instagram feed is full of beautiful, skinny girls and I start to hate the way I look. 

When we compare we forget to recognise the good already in our lives, we lose sight of how good things really are. 

  • Yes my Facebook friend travelling but I’m also blessed to be mumma to my amazing boys. I get to enjoy watching them grow up (a precious time that is going way too quickly) and I’m living in one of the most beautiful countries. I will always have the opportunity to travel in the future and I feel so lucky for this. 
  • I wish my blog was more successful and well-known like other bigger blogs but then I realise in my eyes I’m already successful because I’ve found something I love to do which can help others at the same time, I’ve found my passion and for that I’m so grateful. 
  • Ok, so I don’t look like these picture perfect girls on instagram. I realised that when I compare myself to them I’m comparing their red carpet moments to my lounge-around-home-in-my-pjyamas moments. It’s not a fair comparison at all. 

We put so much pressure on ourselves to look and act perfect but there's no such thing. We're striving for something that isn't even possible. Let go of this stress. Let go of comparing the way you look to others. Embrace and love who you are on the inside and out. Be your own kind of beautiful. That is real beauty and true happiness. 


2. Use it to inspire you. In the past I would compare myself to amazingly successful people. I’d get upset because I wasn’t like them and I’d give up. Now I turn my jealousy into inspiration. Instead of giving up I know that anything is possible and if its what I really want then I can do it.

You can use jealousy as guide posts to how you want your life to be. For example, what appeals to me most about these bigger blogs is that they’re helping to change many peoples lives. When I use this as inspiration I realise that my dream is to be able to have this big of an impact.

This has helped me to know what I want. I know if I have faith, work hard & stay positive my dream will become my reality. This is true for you too. Believe and you will get there. 


3. You are beautiful. Exactly the way you are. The more often you realise this the more you will feel confident and happy within yourself. Don’t get caught up in feeling jealous too often, it only steals your happiness. Focus on you. Focus on what is great about you and your life. The things you are doing and have accomplished. Don’t try to be someone you’re not so people will like you. Be yourself. Know that who you are is enough, on the inside and out and the right people will love the real you. 

When do you notice yourself becoming too jealous? I would love to hear your thoughts so please comment below.