Failed Something? Congratulations! You Actually Just Succeeded


When I fail something that's when I'm guaranteed to give myself a good beating. There's two things wrong with this:

  • beating yourself up just makes things worst
  • failing isn't a bad thing

Failing isn't bad? I know it's hard to believe, especially growing up not being allowed to make mistakes. Here's 3 reasons why they're not only great but a very important part of going after your dreams.

1. It's proof you're trying. In the past I would avoid trying new things, I was worried I wouldn't be perfect and people would judge me so I stayed stuck, I couldn't grow or become any closer to my dreams. I was stuck like this for years, not trying new things made me extremely unhappy. It's not worth sacrificing your dreams just to avoid failure.

2. You're facing fears. I wish I could make the journey to your dreams pain-free, there will be pain when facing your fears. What we can do is build the courage to deal with the pain. The way I deal with them is by being my own best friend. It's not going to be easy but it is going to be worth it. You're strong enough to deal with anything life throws at you.

3. You're living. This is what living is all about. You try something new, you fail, it's hurts, you recover, you get back up, you become stronger, you try again, you eventually get to your dream. If you live with the fear of failing you'll stay stuck forever. Imagine for a moment that you are on your death bed, what would you have done if you knew you couldn't fail? Here is your wake up call! You can do it! Life is too short to live in fear. Don't be afraid to fail. Failing is great, it's success in disguise. Learn from it, grow & try again.  This is living. You're taking the steps that get you closer to your dreams.