Focus on This & Feel A Whole Lot Happier

Nobody is perfect, everyone has their weaknesses and things they aren't too good at. Focusing on these can actually make you unhappy, I'm guilty of this. I would often give too much of my attention to what I sucked at, wishing I was a better dancer, better at computers or was more outgoing. I focused so much on these and my many other weaknesses that I didn't leave room to recognise the things I was really good at.

I started focusing less on my flaws so I could focus on my strengths. I knew all the things I sucked at but I wasn't sure of what I was great at. I dug deep and was open to the possibility that I may be over looking some great things about myself. I would like to share the things I realised I'm pretty good at. I don't mean to toot my own horn, by sharing this I hope to get you thinking and realise your own strengths.

  • I'm a good Mum
  • I'm creative
  • I'm a good cook
  • I'm great at inspiring people
  • I'm a good listener.

What are your strengths? What do people compliment you about? If you're unsure, ask someone your close to about what they think your good at. 

Write down your list. Memorise it and remember it when you catch yourself being too critical about your weaknesses.

Take a good look, there are things you're amazing at that other people wish they were as good as you.

Focus on your strengths. You will realise the incredible person you really are.

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