How I Add More Relaxing Hours to My Day


Trying to juggle life's commitments such as work, family, friends can be so tiring. I would reach the end of my day and look back on what I've done: I've worked, helped a family member with something, visited my friend, taken the kids to the park, cleaned the house, cooked dinner. The day has left me feeling exhausted wondering What about 'me time'? I get into bed and think this is the perfect time but before I know it I'm dead asleep waking to my alarm the next morning ready to start all over again.

I had an 'ah-ha' moment when I remembered back to a few years ago when a friend of mine and I would wake early every morning. It felt as though the days were longer, I had extra time for myself and I felt more energised to start the day. I thought it was time to give this another go.

Now I wake at 5:30am every morning, this is the earliest wake up time I've had in my life. How did I manage to do this considering I'm not a morning person and would struggle to drag myself out of bed at 8:30am?

I'd like to share exactly how I did it. If you are a night owl and its working for you then by all means stick to that, if on the other hand your wanting some extra down time and willing to give something else a go then you may find this is just what you've been searching for. For me making the switch has been such a blessing and I couldn't imagine life without these extra few hours.

Here are my tips for waking earlier:

Start slowly. Don't set your alarm for 5:30am tomorrow morning, like starting all new habits you have to start small. Start by waking an extra 15mins earlier then after a few days you can add on another 15mins and you will eventually reach your goal time.

Get into bed early. Start your night routine earlier. Cook, eat dinner and shower earlier so you can hit the sack earlier. If you replace the hours of surfing the net, social media or TV with sleep your body will have adequate rest and you won't struggle so much when that alarm goes off the next morning.

When the alarm goes off. Put your alarm in a spot in your room that forces you to get up and walk to it. That way you've done the hardest part, if your alarm is right next to you the temptation to hit the snooze button is a whole lot stronger. Now you just have to stay awake I usually go straight to the bathroom to wash my face then go to the toilet. By now I'm not so zombie-like and excited to start my 'me' time.

Don't let your mind talk you out of it. My mind tends to convince me that I'm tired and I should go to bed. If I remind myself that I've had enough sleep my mind quietens down. Tan=1, negative mind=0.

Enjoy this extra time. This time is a gift for you. Try not to waste these beautiful hours on doing something useless. What is something you love to do? Yoga, go for a walk, write in your journal, watch the sunrise, make a yummy healthy breakky or make a small step toward your goals. Enjoy the peace and quiet of no cars, no screaming kids or no TV noise.