How to Buy the Perfect Pressie


Looking back on Christmas I didn't do too well with buying presents. I've learnt a few tricks I wish I used and will definitely be using next Chrissy. These tricks can be used for any present buying. I truly believe in buying presents that people will use over and over again instead of something being added to the cupboard without it ever getting a second look or better worst ending up in the bin. These tips will make sure that doesn't happen and at the same time take the stress out of shopping.

Take note. A few months before I want to buy someone a present I take notes in my diary when ever they mention something they need or would love so when the time comes to make a decision the options are right there for you.

Restock their favs. If you struggle to find something they don't have, what about something they can't get enough of? A magazine subscription, their favourite body wash etc. This present is sure to get used.

Avoid the crowds. Check if its available online and get the pressie deliveredstraight to your door. Being a busy Mummy with two young boys to look after online shopping has made life so much easier for me.

Make something. Get creative if your stuck. My sister and I baked a big batch of our yummy Granola, put it in clear jars and decorated them, we printed cute pictures of our kiddies and framed them. These were a big hit and our family and friends loved them! Even more so than if we had of bought them a present.

Donate on their behalf. For someone who really does has everything check out this You can donate to disadvantaged people on their behalf. A friend of mine is someone who has everything and also lives overseas so I donated to Oxfam, the money was used to buy a goat for a family in Africa which provided an income for them and funded the children's schooling. When you donate on someones behalf they are sent an Ecard (or it can be posted to you to give to them personally) explaining how and who you have helped. In my circumstance the Ecard was perfect because my friend lives overseas. She absolutely loved it and said it was the best gift she'd received.

Tan xx