How to Love Your Choices So Much You Don't Need Others to As Well


When ever I had to make decisions I'd be straight over to my friends & family for advice. From what to wear that day to whether I should move overseas. Although they can have some great advice it would often confuse me even more. Battles would go on in my head on what I should do. I'd make a choice based on someone else's opinion, even though deep down it didn't feel right. Later I'd regret it and wished I had listened to myself. I made this mistake over and over again until I finally changed. I'm not an expert, these are some tips that helped me to make better decisions & take control of my life.

Have no fear. I feared making the wrong choice so I would turn to my friends & family and give them the responsibility to choose for me. By doing this I could avoid this fear but really, life is all about making choices and it can be extremely scary. The fear is perfectly normal. You will make some wrong choices, everyone does. Nobody is perfect. It's ok if the choice you made turns out to be the wrong one. Making the wrong choice can be a great lesson. Sometimes the wrong decisions can bring us to the right places. Congratulate yourself for having such courage & being responsible for your own life.

Take responsibility. Relying on other people to make your decisions allows them to create your life. This is your life. These are decisions for you to make. People can give you their thoughts but ultimately you have to listen to yourself. Your the person who has to live with the consequences of your decisions, not the person advising.

Stop worrying. We worry what people will think about our choices. I was easily persuaded by what people told me to do, especially the people I loved and looked up to. I'd always listen to their advice and take on board what they said, I was worried that they wouldn't like me anymore if I didn't. Don't fear what people will think, this is your live and it's up to you how you decide to live it. You can't please everyone. There will always be someone who doesn't approve with the choices your making. The people who really matter will love and support your choice not matter what that is.

Do what's best for you. You could be given advice until the cows come home. Take what feels right for you. Only you know what that is. If it turns out to be the wrong one, learn from it and be proud that you are trying. When you start listening to yourself it puts you in charge of your life & gives you the power to create the one you most want and desire.