How to Make Your Dreams A Reality


Somedays I'm so hopeful that I will one day be living my dream. Other days I feel like my dreams are too big & they're impossible. I'll take a few steps forward & then I'll take one step back, that one step gets me down in the dumps & all the hope I had built up is suddenly gone. The temptation of giving up is so strong. In the past I'd lose to the temptation, I'd give up & feel horrible for it. I've finally learnt how to deal with these hard times.

Here are some powerful tips that will help you when you're in doubt & keep you on your path to living your dreams.

Have patience. Things take time. When I know what I want, I want it & I want it now. I've learnt that life doesn't work like this. I would try to rush towards my dream by doing too much, too quickly & get exhausted. When I started exercising I'd exercise non stop for a few weeks, not enjoy it at all, be exhausted then I'd look in the mirror expecting to see my dream bod. I didn't see it so I gave up.

I learnt to be patient, I took small steps such as just going for a walk around the block that way I wasn't being so hard on myself & could enjoy it. I slowly became better at exercising, now I couldn't imagine starting the day any other way & with patience I got my dream bod. Now I know to chill out, be patient & let things happen in their own time. Take small steps; even though they are small, they will get you closer to your dream & eventually you'll be living it. You won't give up from getting too stressed.

Enjoy the ride. This is SO important! If you're taking on too much you'll burn out & working towards your dream will be something you resent. If you resent it there's no way you'll stick at it. When I started my blog, I'd write my posts in a hurry trying to get as much done as possible. I'd feel so tired & start to resent it, I'd even think up reason's why I should give it up. I stopped taking on too much, now I get excited to write & I absolutely love it. Make sure you are enjoying the journey & having fun. It'll be something you love to do rather than something you have to force yourself to do.

Set backs. Nobody likes a set back. Bad news; they're inevitable, they're going to happen. Good news; you can learn from them & become even stronger. When we experience a set back, it consumes you & all you can think about is how bad it is. When you think you've found the perfect partner but then you break up. Don't sit with the bad thoughts for too long, shift your thinking by finding the lesson. So you've taken a step backwards? What can you learn from this? Don't worry, focus on the next step forwards.

Credit yourself. Give yourself a big high five! You're working toward your dream. Go you! This is such a courageous thing to do. Some people have too much fear to go after what they want. You're doing it & dealing with the uncomfortable feelings that come with it. Take a moment to credit yourself for how far you've come. You're doing amazing!

Believe. Never stop believing. Anything is possible. If it's what you really want, it will happen. Be patient, keep trying & don't give up. Most importantly be kind to yourself.