How to Start & End Your Days on a Positive Note

Each night I lay in bed and reflect on the day I just had. Although I got a lot done I can't help but to think of all the things I didn't get around to doing. 'I didn't get to reply to that email','I didn't eat a healthy lunch','I didn't go for a run today'.

We are really good at looking at our lives and focusing on what we aren't doing or where our lives could be better.

I wake in the morning and similar thoughts again. 'I didn't get enough sleep', 'I'm not making enough money', 'I'm not as skinny as I want to be'.

These thoughts make me feel horrible. I feel as though what I do is never enough which isn't a great way to start or end a day.

Making Room For More Positive Thoughts

When I catch myself focusing on what I haven't done or focusing on the parts of my life that I'm unhappy with I make room for more positive thoughts and remember that:

  • No matter what gets done or how much is left undone, I am enough.
  • Even though I'm not as skinny and rich as I'd like to be, even though I'm not the perfect mummy, it doesn't change the fact that I'm an amazing person, doing incredible things and deserving of the best in life.

When I remember this it changes my whole outlook. I relax and feel happy with my life. I think 'hey I didn't get the washing done today but I cooked a really yum dinner. I didn't go for a run but I did do some yoga. I didn't write in my journal but there's always tomorrow. I'm not filthy rich but I'm living comfortably and can buy the things I need which is better than most people have it.'

Taking the focus away from the things I'm not and the things I'm not doing, I recognise the things I am doing and start appreciating who I am. I stop beating myself up and thinking my life sucks, instead I'm kinder to myself and grateful for everything in life.

What are your last thoughts when you go to bed and the first thoughts when you wake?

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