How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others


One of the biggest things that makes us unhappy is comparing ourselves and our lives to other people. We seem to skim past the good and focus on the things we aren't doing well at.

Everyday we are bombarded with opportunities to compare ourselves to others. Back in the day we only had people in the same town to compare to, now with the internet it's global. I read someone's Facebook and think my life isn't exciting enough. I see someone with a hotter body and I start to hate mine. I see someone with a successful business and think I'm not doing good enough. During my work out I see someone fitter than me and want to give up. I see someone traveling the world and wish it could be me. You can't enjoy life when your constantly measuring yourself up against others.

Here's are some great tips that will help you to stop comparing yourself to others:

Compare yourself to the person you were 5 years ago. This will remind you how much you've grown and that's what really matters. Are you wiser, happier or more confident? Be proud of how far you've come.

Stop making unfair comparisons. I would compare the blog I've only just started to a successful one that someone has put years of work into. I would compare my fitness to a personal trainers. It doesn't make sense to compare your beginning with someones ending. It helps to focus on your journey and celebrate the small steps your taking.

Celebrate your progress. Comparing yourself to others makes you forget the amazing things you're doing. You started exercising? That's great! You're continuing to work on something you're passionate about. Amazing! Constantly remind yourself of the great things you're accomplishing.

Keep doing what you love. I've lost count of the amount of times I've thought 'I'm not as good as that person so I'll just give up'. I've realised how destructive this thought has been and many times it has stopped me from doing what I love. Don't let this same thought stop you from doing what truly matters to you or from doing the things your passionate about.

Focus on yourself. Focus on your own journey. Do what you love, continue to learn and grow and celebrate your progress. Use the tips above and you'll start to be happier with you're life.