How to Stop Feeling Stupid


Not a day goes by where I don’t say or do something that makes me feel really stupid.

  • I meet someone for the first time and later realise I was calling them by the wrong name the entire conversation.
  • A stranger in the street tells me I’ve put my shirt on inside out
  • I realise I’ve forgotten my wallet when I go to pay for something
  • I vent my frustration about someone in an email and accidentally send it to them

Times like these make me wonder if my brain is still working. These are also times when I most need to hear some calming words. My head fills up with the opposite. ’I’m such an idiot! I’m so stupid!’

Little did I know how damaging these words are. These words can destroy your confidence and make you feel really crappy.

Now, when I do something stupid instead of saying ‘I’m so stupid’ I say ‘that was a stupid thing to do’.

This way I’m acknowledging that I made a mistake rather than calling myself a mistake. I’m not putting myself down and my confidence doesn’t get crushed.

We're humans, we make mistakes. Let’s erase ‘I’m stupid’ from our vocabulary and replace it with ‘that was a stupid thing to do’. Each and every one of us are amazing, deserving of love and deserve the best life has to offer, no matter how many silly things we do or how stupid they may seem.

What things have you done that make you feel stupid? 

Please comment below, I would love to know :)

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