How to Turn a Crappy Day Around‏


Somedays it doesn't matter what I do I just can't seem to shift my low mood. I've learnt to accept that these days are inevitable and I'm slowly learning to deal with them with practice. I want to share with you some of my tips that have made my crappy days not so crappy.

Give yourself little treats. Even the most stressful day if you can stop for a few minutes and treat yourself it can help a whole lot.

It doesn't have to cost a thing. Don't go treat yourself to an expensive shopping spree. You can actually do it for free or cheaply.

Ways I treat myself. I love to have a tea and just take a moment. Read a post from one of my favourite blogs or read one of my favourite magazines. Eat something yum and really savour the taste. Call my bestie, her energy automatically lifts my mood. Sit in nature and take in my surroundings. Go for a swim at the beach. Take a long shower. I have plenty more but they are some examples.

Write a list of your treats. I keep a list on my iPhone and update it every few weeks to refer to when I'm in need. I may add new treats or sometimes I'm over some of them and take them off.

Sprinkle your special treats throughout your day. I don't limit myself to only the crappy days. I treat myself throughout each and every day. It adds that little bit of excitement to my day.