Playlist to Keep Your Hope in a New World ❤️️

When you have a compassionate heart and want to continue changing the world, it's sometimes hard to not let all the injustices bring you down. We find that pumping some positive tunes that keep our faith and hope alive. Here are some tracks that we have on repeat at In The Soulshine that we find really helpful:

Change The World - Colby and Awu

Imagine - John Lennon 

Black As The Night - Nahko & Medicine for The People 

One Day - Matisyahu

Where is The Love - Black Eyed Peas

Keep Changing the World - Mike’s Chair

The World Is Ours - David Correy

Be The Change - Trevor Hall 

Hey World - Michael Franti

We hope this helps you through those rough times too, keeping your passion to change the world alive.

This worlds needs you 🌏 🌏 🌏 

What are some of your favourite tracks that help keep you up? We'd love to hear them and add them to our list ;)