Simple Ways to Declutter & Feel Amazing doing it

Clean Desk

Walking by my very messy, cluttered desk for the 100th time I finally decided to clean and organise it. I normally avoid my messy areas by putting it off to the point where it never gets done. I came across Sue Kay, a clutter consultant (I know I can't believe one exists either) I never realised all the amazing benefits of decluttering and letting go of old stuff. 'A more relaxing home where you can find things when you want them. Enjoy the lighter feeling you get when you look around. Next time you indulge in a little retail therapy you’ll have a much clearer idea of what you own and what you actually need.'

Clearing my desk I experienced the benefits first hand. I went on a decluttering rampage and decluttered my entire home. The kitchen, my wardrobe, the kids wardrobe, the garage. Thanks to Sue I've realised that organising my clutter doesn’t have to be so painful. I found it enjoyable for the first time ever and if you try these simple tips you may find it enjoyable too.

1. Timeframe. Set a timeframe that suits you. You might be putting it off because the clutter has built up so much it feels too overwhelming to start. If so aim to do a few minutes or a section and then come back to it the next day that way it will slowly get cleaned rather than you putting it off forever. Or if your someone who has a few hours on your day off and prefer to finish it in one go that could work too. Set times that feel best for you.

2. Sorting. Be sure to make quick decisions, have a garbage bag for rubbish and a donate bag. Put the things back that you want to keep. Making a quick decision will help you get rid of the things you always pounder on. I find that if I don’t make a quick decision I end up trying to justify keeping it when I really should’ve given it away. A mantra I say when I’m sorting is ‘if I haven’t used it in the last 6months it’s gone’.

3. Treat yourself when you’ve finished! It really does feel amazing when I’m done so I like to top that feeling off by doing something nice for myself as a reward like have a bath with my favourite bath salts or eat something naughty.