The Most Important Words of Your Life


These words have changed my life and they have the power to change yours too.

The most important choices in life involve fear. Even the thought of doing something I feared completely overwhelmed me. Thoughts of why can’t and why I shouldn’t filled my head.

  • I can’t start that new gym class, what if I suck?
  • I want to try painting but what if I’m no good at it.
  • I’ve got this brilliant idea but what if nobody likes it.

The fear and these thoughts were so overwhelming it stopped me from pursuing my dreams. I became one very unhappy person.

Then I heard the words that changed everything.

I can do it.

So when the time came to start that new gym class and the thoughts of why I can’t or shouldn’t came up, I reminded myself ‘I can do it’ or the painting I wanted to do or the idea I wanted to share with people.

You can use these words too. Whenever there’s something you want to do and the fear tells you that you shouldn’t or you can’t, interrupt it with the words ‘I can do it’.

The truth is you can. You can do anything.



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