The Sunny Side of Animal Activism: In The Soulshine Talk Animals, Instagram and Cute Tees

The beautiful crew at Cruelty Free Festival asked us a few questions about how In The Soulshine started and how our tees made it into the Cruelty Free Fashion Show at this year's Festival in Sydney on October 30th.

"In The Soulshine are the little vegan t-shirt company that could. And got major Instagram cred along the way. As the brainchild of Tanya Camilleri, In The Soulshine have become the poster-brand for cute, ethically-made tees, muscle tees, tops and accessories that spread the animal rights message. We spoke to Tan about her company, mission and In The Soulshine’s involvement with this year’s CFF."

1. We loooove that you went vegan after attending the Cruelty Free Festival. Tell us about how that happened. 

The Cruelty Free Festival really helped bring me to the reality of how badly we’re treating animals. It was my wake up call.

2. In The Soulshine spreads a very gentle but direct message. How did you decide what angle to go with when making your tees? Why did you decide on tees when it came to spreading the message?

I really wanted to break the “vegans are extreme” stereotype and completely change the way people see veganism by spreading the message in a positive way. I decided on tees because I realised how often I was reading others peoples t-shirts, and thought this would be a great way to share the message.

3. It’s fair to say that In The Soulshine have dominated the market when it comes to cute fashion with an important animal rights message. Was the Instagram fame planned or did it come about organically? Do you think there was a market for cute vegan tees that In The Soulshine just happened to perfectly fill?

I never intended on In The Soulshine to become what it is. It started as my own personal instagram account, as I became more passionate about veganism I wanted to help others go vegan too so I started sharing posts aimed at doing this. From then on my following grew and it was all organic!

Yes, I do think there was a market for vegan clothing that spreads the message in a positive way. As vegans we’re so misunderstood. We’re viewed as ‘extreme’, ‘preachy’, ‘angry’, most of the vegan clothing I could find at the time had these kind of messages.  In The Soulshine allows people to spread the message as a true representation of what vegans are, just normal people who care and want to make a positive difference.

4. This year we’ll be showcasing six of your tee designs on the catwalk in our cruelty free fashion show. How are you feeling about it, and what do you think people’s reactions will be like?

I’m really excited to be a part of it! I think people will really love our tee’s and be happy to see the vegan message being spread in a positive way.

5. What do you enjoy most about the festival? What are you looking forward to most on the day?

Being around like-minded people. All of us coming together and seeing the difference we’re all making. And definitely all the yummy Vegan food!

Thank you so much for your time and continued support of the festival! We can’t wait to see your designs on the catwalk on the day! 

Thanks so much for chatting with me Cruelty Free Fest, I'm excited for the day too! 

Tanya x