Why Fitting In is a Thing of The Past


I'd like to share something very interesting that helped me to understand why we feel the need to be accepted. I'm going to take you back in time for a moment, back to the hunter and gatherer days when we lived together in tribes.

If our tribe didn’t accept us it would mean trying to survive on our own. Without the protection of our tribe we'd be eaten alive by a predator, so in other words, death. Acceptance was needed for survival.

We haven’t changed, it was the way we were designed. We were made to avoid rejection from our tribe so we could survive. That's why we still fear rejection from others now, we're forgetting that there are no more sabre-toothed tigers and acceptance is no longer needed to stay alive. We can let go of this fear.

Next time you catch yourself trying to fit in or comparing yourself to others remember it’s just your hunter, gatherer instinct. Look around and if there aren’t any tigers about to eat you for dinner, smile, stop trying to fit in and go back to being who you really are.



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