Why Valentines Day Sucks


I love Valentines Day. It's so great to see everyone expressing the love they have for each other by exchanging gifts, creating special moments together, putting their love in writing and telling each other the love they have for one another.

But why is this celebration for just boyfriend and girlfriends or husbands and wives? And why is this amazing day only once a year?

Valentines Day has become a day for couples. We have forgotten the true meaning of this special day; the celebration of Love & Connection. Love & Connection doesn't only happen between couples. It happens between friends and families, between parents and children, with animals and of course it happens within ourselves.

So let today be a celebration for the love we have in our lives and the connections we treasure dearly. Take a moment to recognize the people we love and are thankful for. The moments we've shared that have filled us up with joy.

Let's not just celebrate this on the 14th Feb. Let's celebrate it everyday! Continue to express your love by giving gifts even just small ones like picking a flower from the garden and giving it to your Mumma, continue to create special moments together. Take your lover on dates regularly, take a friend out for coffee. Put the love you have for someone in writing by sending your sister or brother a message saying how incredible they are, put a love letter in your lover's lunch box. Tell someone how much they mean to you. And most importantly give yourself some loving, remind yourself how great you are and the amazing things you are doing.

Keep spreading the love 365 days of the year.