Why You Need to be Your Own Best Friend


Best friends. They're perfect for cheering you up when your feeling down. Unfortunately they have lives of their own so we can't rely on them for support all the time. There's an even better option; become your own best friend and you'll never get stuck. Treating myself as I would one of my good friends has been my life saver. Here's how I do it.

What would you say? Whenever I make a mistake that voice creeps in to tell me how stupid I am. The horrible things it comes up with shocks me every time. I pretend my best friend was in the same situation and think 'what I would say to her?'. The answer is always reassuring 'Everyone makes mistakes, they're part of life', 'mistakes are wonderful, it means your growing', 'everything is going to be ok'.

Don't be so hard on yourself. We're our own worst critic. Give yourself a break. If your best friend was already feeling down you wouldn't say things to make it worst. You can stop doing this. Just like anything else it takes practice. Recognise the negative voice, it's natural for it to be there. Drown it out by asking yourself 'what would I say if this was my best friend?'.

It's ok to forget. Don't worry if you forget sometimes. Starting something new is hard, don't give up. Eventually you'll remember more often and you're own best friend will be someone you can rely on. It's ok to forget.

You're amazing. What do the people who love you think about you? They know how special you are, all you have to do is remind yourself. We don't give ourselves the credit we deserve. Take a moment as often as possible to remind yourself how awesome you are, the amazing things you have accomplished and the great things you bring to this world.