You Can Become Anything You Want In This World


'I'm not good enough', 'I'm not smart enough', 'what if I fail?', 'what will people think?'. I would have a dream and within seconds it would be crushed by thoughts like these.

I thought my dreams were impossible until I heard these words that change everything.

'You can become anything you want in this world.'

It's true. Not just for me but for you as well.

When we were younger, there might not have been someone there to tell us this so we grow up believing that we aren't good enough, we'll never amount to anything. Our dreams don't stand a chance when we believe this lie.

The Truth

Here is the truth. You can do it! You are good enough, strong enough & smart enough. You deserve the best and it's never too late to go after the life you want. Fear will come up, know you have the courage within you to face those fears.

Keep doing what you love. Take small steps, each small step counts & will lead you to your goals. It's ok if you fail along the way, pick yourself back up & be kind to yourself. Believe in yourself and believe in your dreams, they will come true. You really can become anything you want in this world. That is the real truth.