You Don't Need to Prove Anything to Anyone: 4 Ways to Realise Your Greatness

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Sometimes when I'm around certain people I catch myself being someone I'm not. It might be someone I think is smarter, more good looking, richer or is doing better in life than me. I try to impress them so I say and do things I wouldn't normally. Later I wonder 'what was I thinking?', I feel like a big phoney and horrible for not being true to who I really am. This made me search for a new way to live. By no means am I claiming to be an expert, this is just what helped me to stop needing peoples approval and realise the greatness already in me.

Got you! Try to catch yourself in the act. Recognising that you change around certain people is a great start. You can't change what you don't acknowledge. Great work for catching yourself in the act. This is the first step to stopping that phoney from reappearing.

Real people. People want to see and get to know the real you, not a person you've made up. Is it not the same for you? When two people are utterly and completely themselves that's where real connection, where real joy is. If you're not sure who the real you is, I've written another post here that asks you some questions to help you find out.

Let go. Most of the time the person we're trying to impress isn't even someone we really want to be friends with. We get caught up in the moment, start comparing ourselves and then all of a sudden the phoney comes out. Stop comparing yourself, here are some steps to do this. By letting go of trying to impress people, it allows the right people to come into your life, the people who will love the real you. You will feel accepted no matter what and won't have to keep putting on an act.

Your greatness. If someone doesn't like you, remember that's their loss. They are missing a great opportunity to have such an awesome person in their life. Stay true to who you really are, stop comparing, remind yourself you don't need to prove anything to anyone. All too often we forget our greatness so let me be your reminder, you are intelligent, beautiful & absolutely wonderful just as you are.

Never forget that.