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Donations - Our Impact

Helping animals is at the core of what we do here at In The Soulshine. We aim to raise awareness through our clothing and to further our impact we donate part of our proceeds to animal sanctuaries, organisations and activists. We admire the dedication of these incredible people and we are so proud to be able to support them. Please read below to learn more about our impact.

Total donated: $10,160


Edgars Mission

Edgar's Mission is a not-for-profit sanctuary for rescued farmed animals that seeks to create a humane and just world for humans and non-humans. Edgar's Mission's life saving work would not be possible without the help of much needed donations. In The Soulshine's donation was able to provide the 450 animals who call Edgar's Mission home with a sanctuary and veterinary care, and keep their emergency rescue team primed for the next lot of animals in dire need. It also means that they can continue with their educational outreach and advocacy programs. Together, we're making the world a kinder place for farmed animals.


Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary

Mine Valley Farm Sanctuary is a non-for-profit organisation in Spain devoted to the caring and nurturing for farm animals who are victims of exploitation. Mine Valley was founded by Abigail and her husband Mike after finding their purpose through a Veganism lifestyle. In March 2017 Mike became seriously ill with an infection in the lymph node which doctors believe he contracted from one of the animals. The infection left him severely ill and barely able to walk. He wasn't able to carry out any of his normal work around the sanctuary which left them in a terrible financial position. Our donation was able to help support the sanctuary by providing enough food and supplies for the animals during this tough time.


James Aspey

One passionate, dedicated animal rights activist. We were so inspired by James's commitment to the animals. He was the one who inspired us to go vegan and to go on to create In The Soulshine. Our donations have helped support James to go on to inspire millions to live the vegan lifestyle and be the voice for the animals.



A special day at In The Soulshine was when PETA contacted us wanting to collaborate on a tee promoting Vegan Fashion. We donated our In The Soulshine x PETA Crops to them and continue to donate 10% on all sales.


Peanuts Funny Farm

Peanuts Funny Farm is a non-profit organisation and registered charity. Their mission is to bring together disadvantaged, neglected and abused children and animals together so they can spend time together and give each other hope loyalty and respect. Our donations have supported them to continue to help their animals as well as educating children about compassion and veganism.


Serendipity Farm Animal Centre

Delilah, a beautiful pig originally lived at Sunshine Butterflys on the Sunshine Coast of Australia but due to some anti-social behaviour she urgently needed to find a new home or a local breeder would take her. Thankfully Serendipity Farm offered her a place. Delilah was brought up in a similar way to a dog so it would've been extremely sad for her to become a breeding pig. Our donation was able to provided Delilah with the transportation to her new home. Now she is living out her days in peace.

Wildlife Victoria + WIRES Wildlife Rescue

The bushfires in Australia in late 2019 have taken a tragic toll on native wildlife. Hundreds of fires over weeks have burnt over 4.9 million hectares of land in NSW alone. Many animals were already struggling with a lack of water and food due to the drought. With the fires destroying unprecedented amounts of habitat, food shortages have increased and lack of suitable habitat will be a significant long-term challenge for surviving wildlife.

WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc.) has been rescuing and caring for wildlife for over 30 years and is the largest wildlife rescue organisation in Australia. WIRES currently has over 2,600 volunteers in 28 NSW branches involved in the rescue and care of wildlife and we have a dedicated Rescue Office that operates 365 days a year assisting the community to help native animals in distress.