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Hi there :)

Welcome to In The Soulshine! I’m Tan. Thank you for being here.

Growing up I always had a deep compassion and empathy for others. If I saw another person or animal in any pain or suffering I wanted to do what ever I could to relieve it.

I grew up eating meat, milk, cheese and eggs and I loved eating it all. When I was 18yrs old I read a book called ‘Skinny Bitch’. Prior to reading this book I’d never given any thought in to what had to happen to animals for them to end up on my plate. The book explained that animals are sentient beings. They feel pain, fear, love, joy and have the capacity to suffer just as we humans do. I began to see animals for who they really are, I saw them as living beings. The beef I ate, I now saw a body part of a dead cow, the bacon a body part of a dead pig. The book described the torture, pain, violence and suffering inflicted on animals by the meat industry. This was one of the most life changing moments of my life. From that moment on I never ate meat again.

A few years later a friend of mine James Aspey shared some disturbing information about the dairy and egg industry. I began learning of the horrific abuse and suffering in these industries as well. I could no longer support this cruelty either. I continued to learn more about the ways in which we exploit animals for clothing, entertainment and experimentation and transitioned to living a vegan lifestyle. Going vegan was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I now live in alignment with my values of compassion, kindness, non-violence, peace, respect, love, justice and equality. It’s my purpose and passion to help others do the same.

Tan 💛